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Choker Magic in the air

Guess who’s back again! (as I hum away to Bruno mars 24K). It’s a catchy tune and is sure to grab your attention.Similarly, the choker has made its comeback and it’s sure to catch your eyes. The choker trend has even been spotted at the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Week. So ladies don’t fear, this trend isn’t going to die off anytime soon and will be carrying itself into the new year as well.  So let’s break this trend down one choker at a time to understand what is the big fuss over the choker trend’ and why you should try it.

The Choker can be identified as either a thin or thick fitting band or piece of metal which fits snugly around your neck and this fashion craze is growing day by day.

It was first worn by supermodels like Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid , Rihanna and other famous personalities. Bollywood beauties have also joined this craze . Anushka Sharma can be seen sporting a choker in the movie Sultan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and many others have joined in as well. Chokers come in a variety of colours, designs & material.

So let’s explore the common chokers that have been spotted:

1. The Basic Choker

This trend has been spotted the most. It’s simple, elegant and adds versatility to any outfit.

2. Combination Choker

This all-in-one trend combines the simple band with  necklaces to give you the perfect all rounder.

3. The D.I.Y

The D.I.Y Choker, allows one choker to worn in a variety of ways. Add it to an embellished outfit to add simplicity.

4. Bling Choker

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North West can even be seen wearing her bling choker post-ballet. Perfect to add elegance to a simple outfit.

5. The Colourful Choker


Add a dash of colour to brighten up any outfit.

Happy reading lovelies and I hope you enjoyed reading my first post. All Choker trends seen on the blog can be purchased from marhasstylesa. Contact us: Prices on request. Images are not our own.

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